Hello and thank you for visiting historyhelp.ca

My name is Dr. Kris Towson and I am an historian. Educated at one of the finest research universities in Europe, and having taught undergradate students for several years, I founded historyhelp.ca in 2008 in order to bring my skills, knowledge, and experience as an editor, author, historian, and educator to work for you.

I offer a wide range of services for future and current university students, as well as for individuals, governments, First Nations, and companies who wish to learn more about their own histories. Please note that due to contractual restrictions I am not currently able to offer research services to Government or First Nations clients.

Please follow the links above for more information on the services I offer, and feel free to contact me with any questions.

Dr. Kris Towson, Ph.D. (St And.)

What is historyhelp.ca?

The mission of historyhelp.ca is:

  1. to teach students of all subjects how to write ethically, responsibly and effectively
  2. to teach students of history how to conduct balanced, fair, and effective research
  3. to prepare students for university
  4. to conduct unbiased and balanced historical research
  5. to promote the enjoyment and study of history

What historyhelp.ca will do:

  • help prepare students for university.
  • teach students how to conduct balanced research.
  • teach students how to write better essays.
  • offer students one-on-one tutoring.
  • conduct historical research for individuals, corporations, governments, first nations and other groups.

What historyhelp.ca will not do:

  • help anyone plagiarize, cheat or otherwise commit academic dishonesty.
  • produce intentionally skewed or dishonest historical research.